Changelog 3.x Release Cycle

V3.2.4 Release – 15.02.2017
New Features
  • New all in one Date/Time and Recurrence Picker
  • New Recurrence Picker
  • New recurrence option “every nth day in month”
  • New empty layout if no reminder is saved
  • New Widget Option to show the priority
  • New Widget Option to show the contact image
  • Updated translations
  • Updated external libraries to the latest versions
  • Quit without saving text dialog is now more logical
  • Android Wear – Dismiss option is now on first entry
  • Changed completely the way all reminders are added to the system after boot or update of the app (should hopefully fix that sometimes a few reminder not added to the system)
  • Pre-Alarms are now added not all at once, instead only the next upcoming pre alarm will be added (should fix the problem on Samsung phones of too many alarms)
  • After share of image, image was not shown inside COL Reminder
  • Widget was not refreshed after a reminder fires
  • History CleanUp haven’t deleted the corresponding images
  • Right to left layout fixes in Phone Reminder (contact search popup)
  • A lot of small fixes

V3.2.3 Release – 08.01.2017
New Features
  • New about dialog
  • Updated translations Afrikaans, Italian, Vietnamese, Norwegian
  • Updated external libraries to the latest versions
  • Iran Calendar selection is wrong, always one month back
  • Recurring phone reminder doesn’t show option call and complete
  • Birthday Pre-Alarm doesn’t show the birthday age in the dialog title
  • Small fixes

V3.2.2 Release – 09.12.2016
  • Wear App – The tomorrow option is now back
  • Crash if you want to send a Debug Log
  • Crash if the contact uri is wrong
  • Wear App – Message on phone after snoozing will be shown for a long time and crashes sometimes
  • Birthday Contact Selection shows no action icons after select

V3.2.1 Release – 30.10.2016
New Features
  • Google Drive Backup is now hidden on Google Drive
  • The About Dialog support link opens now the HelpDesk
  • Added * to the allowed phone numbers
  • Optimized the layout for Birthday Contact selection
  • Crash after selecting an image on Android 6 and up
  • Small problems with the new Helpdesk
  • Backup folders on Google Drive are created multiple times
  • Language selection was wrong
  • Birthday Contact selection does not use the selected date format

V3.2.0 Release – 
New Features
  • New Welcome screen for new users or fresh install
  • Support for external SD-Card on Lollipop and up
  • New backup menu. Backup is now in the navigation bar
  • Complete recode of the DropBox Backup/Restore
  • Google Drive Backup/Restore Support
  • Automatic upload and restore support for Google Drive
  • Skipped support for Android 4.0 – 4.0.2
  • Support for Android Nougat (7.x)
  • Warning message if the notifications are turned off in the system settings
  • App Shortcuts (7.1)
  • New round icon for supported devices
  • QuickCuts for Action Launcher
  • Wear App for notifications only at the moment
  • Updated permission requests at runtime on Android 6.x and up
  • Finally fixed the problem if you use Show Popup. Popup are now also closed if you dismiss the notification!
  • “Silent” ringtone should now work on all phones
  • Some permission request problems on Android 6.x and up
  • Right to left layout problems with phone reminder
  • Start day of week not working on the native date picker
  • LED Light turned on after refresh of group reminder

V3.1.9 Release – 12.08.2016 – Download
  • Removing of a location and save works now
  • Default Birthday reminder time is now shown in the settings
  • Birthday age is now shown on day of birthday

V3.1.8 Release – 29.06.2016
New Features
  • Remove location is back. Tap in the location picker on “No Location” to switch back to date/time based reminder
  • Fixed problem with language Hebrew
  • After rotation of phone the location picker is displayed

V3.1.7 Release – 19.06.2016
  • Fixed problem with notification sound if “Show Popup” is activated
V3.1.6 Release – 14.06.2016
  • Phone Reminder: Special characters like #31# are now allowed
  • Wear: 60 minutes are now snoozed correctly

V3.1.5 Release – 14.05.2016
New Features
  • New Location Picker with Places
  • App share function. You can now share the app to one of your contacts. (Menu –> Share App)
  • It is now possible to use “Skip to next” with multiple selection
  • New navigation drawer (official navigation drawer from Google)
  • Setting and support is now in the new navigation drawer instead of the menu
  • New log creation. It is now a way easier to create a logfile in case of problems
  • New font color setting for the text input (Settings, Look and Feel, Font Sizes and Colors –> Remind Notes)
  • New option to add/change or delete smart times entries (tap on the 3 dots and select smart times edit)
  • New option for Android Wear. It is now possible to snooze it 30 and 60 minutes (changeable by user is planned)
  • Updated languages
  • It is now possible to add phone number with network parameters like #31#
  • Some small location and quick minutes layout changes
  • Fixed crashed if the contact photo is missing
  • Fixed problem with misaligned text in the quick add bar
  • Fixed problem with shortcut icon showing on lockscreen on Android 6.0
  • Fixed the location based reminders on widget. Shows now the address instead of date/time
  • Fixed layout problems on RTL layouts
  • Birthday shows now correct .. has birthday .. on day of birthday

V3.1.1 Release – 20.01.2016 – Download
New Features
  • New option to use the native system calendar picker
  • New option to use the native time picker
  • New share function with direct share dialog on Marshmallow 6.0 and up
  • Updated all notification icons to new icon
  • Updated languages

V3.1 Release – 03.01.2016 – Download
New Features
  • Android Marshmallow 6.0 ready
  • New Material Design with a lot of new design elements
  • Asking for permission on runtime (Marshmallow 6.0)
  • New app icon design
  • New Widget Theme Support
  • New Widget Option to hide the day header
  • New way to select a contact, just type name or number
  • Material Design icons inside the app
  • .. and a lot of more to discover.
  • Update all used 3rd party libraries
  • Updated to latest Google Play Service for better location updates
  • Updated languages
  • Removed unused icons and elements
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Fixed some missing icons

V3.08 Release – 08.07.2015
  • Fixed that sometimes the Quick Call Reminder doesn’t show up
  • Removed Themes from General settings
  • Support for ActionLauncher 3.5 new QuickBar feature (Icon is now displayed)
  • Updated languages

V3.07 Release – 29.06.2015
  • Fix for Repeat Until Count
  • You can now add QuickMinutes up to 9999 minutes
  • Removed some debug messages on location reminder
  • Fixed a few reported crashes
  • Updated languages

V3.06 Release – 29.04.2015
New Features
  • It is now possible to delete a image in the add reminder screen (tap on the X inside the picture at the top right)
  • New quit without saving popup – If you hit back key and changes are detected!
  • Share reminder uses now the body text instead subject (works now with Hangouts too)
  • After adding an image and not saving it is now deleted from the SD-Card
  • Some design optimizations for Android 2.3
  • Added a few missing translation possibilities
  • Fixed Quick Call Reminder doesn’t go off sometimes or doesn’t automatically be canceled
  • Fixed a few reported crashes
  • New language Afrikaans
  • Updated translation for Italian, Finnish, Czech, Chinese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Romanian, Arabic, Slovak, Modern Hebrew, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Hungarian, Modern Greek, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Serbian, ..

V3.05 Release – 18.04.2015 – DownloadspacerDownload
New Features
  • A new method to add reminders.
    Let me introduce to you the…. Quick Add Bar ….
    It’s located at the bottom of the screen and you can quickly add a reminder of every type.
    It saves again 1 click
  • The plus sign and new quick add bar is now swiped away on scroll to see more on the screen. A small swipe up brings it back (the same as in the Google+ app)
  • New Done/Dismiss icon in the action bar
  • New Move to next recurring reminder icon in the action bar
  • The Quick Minutes Edit Screen is updated and refreshed
  • In the Quick Minutes DropDown there is now a edit function added (at the last)
  • Finally fixed the dark background problem after the Active Reminder List Popup
  • Crashes in Birthday reminder if date is save without year
  • Rotation/Animation of the plus button (is now only animated on tap)
  • Fix for wrong last call notification (sometimes the call log gets very slow updated)
  • Fixed the first start popup menu for backup if available
  • Fixed wrong text color in the popup dialog on Android 2.3
  • Fixed backup and restore shows only date without time
  • Fixed problem with smart date/time selection on Android 5.1
  • Fixed time format not used from settings in time picker
  • Fixed Enable Reminder problem if the reminder is set to the past
  • A few reported bugs
  • The default weekly day is now set from the selected date instead of always today date
  • Updated Translations for Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Finnish, Persian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Serbian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Modern Greek, Modern Hebrew, Swedish, Czech, Ukrainian

V3.04 Release – 13.03.2015
New Features
  • New settings category Look and Feel
  • Moved Set Theme setting to new category Look and Feel
  • Font customization in Active Reminders screen in category Look and Feel
  • Snooze All in fired off group dialog (is shown if Group Notification is enabled)
  • Fix for Enable Reminder feature not working on Android 4.3 and lower
  • Updated Translations for Finnish, Italian, Modern Greek, Arabic, Modern Hebrew

V3.03 Release – 22.02.2015
  • Fix for notifications are sometimes too late on Android 4.4 and up
  • Smart Date displays text for the same week correctly
  • Date Formats are now displayed as selected in the settings on date/time pickers
  • Date and time is now correctly saved after rotation of screen
  • Languages percentages are now correct
  • Widget gets now correctly updated over midnight
  • Automatic Backup are made only on exit/pause (better performance, less useless backups)
  • Debug Message removed. Will be displayed only if Debug Log is enabled
  • A few reported small fixes and improvements
  • Updated Translations for Hungarian, Slovak, Italian, Tamil, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Modern Hebrew, French, Spanish, Croatian, Romanian

V3.02 Release – 10.02.2015 (Download)
New Features
  • Setting to disable Smart Date/Time buttons
  • Setting for alternative notification icon in green (only up to Android 4.x)
  • Renamed Settings to General Settings for new feature see next line
  • New direct access to the Category Settings if you inside a reminder
  • Long Text in Dialog shows now the buttons
  • Share Function should now work
  • Preview Images in FontSizes are now with the new layout
  • Date and Time Selections sets now the Date and Time from the Reminder on Edit
  • Fixed crash on update from 2.x to 3.x. release
  • Header and Text is now shown correct on a manual Birthday entry
  • Parking Reminder has now only a default Pre-Alarm if enabled in the Settings
  • Fix for activation if COL Reminder Donate donate is installed
  • Cleaned up unused icons
  • Fixed some reported crashes and made some optimizations
  • Settings Page updated with icons and description
  • Updated Translations for Modern Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Czech, Spanish, Slovak

V3.01 Release – 28.01.2015
New Features
  • ReAdd 1×1 Widget on Android 4.x devices
  • Enable Reminder Feature is working again
  • Fix for refresh in Active Reminder List on Resume
  • Fix for Repeat Dialog not showing For a number of Events input field
  • Fix for really long text reminder do not show Date and Time options
  • A few reported fixed and improvements
  • Updated Translations Swedish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Coratian, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese

V3.0 Major Release – 24.01.2015
New Features
  • New icon
  • Complete new design
  • Android Wear support
  • New Category Birthday Reminder
  • Location Reminders
  • Repeat Functions (Until a date, For x times, ..)
  • Floating Action Button (4.x and up)
  • Changed Widget Design
  • Widget Settings (Display only today, week, categories, …)
  • Search and filter function
  • Date/Time Picker from Google
  • Date/Time quick time picker
  • Welcome Screen for new users
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Date and Time Format Selection
  • Multiselect in History for deletion
  • Pre-Alarms for all categories
  • Selection of SD-Card for backup
  • Complete rewrite of the database to Content providers
  • … and a lot of more to discover!!